Special Occasions at Zingela

Zingela must be one of the most romantic venues for a wedding with a difference.

The reception can be a champagne picnic lunch on the lawn, a festive affair in the thatched boma or tables set under the stars.

Most wedding guests make a weekend of it so it is an ideal opportunity for a celebration, which in true Zulu tradition, lasts more than one day! The candlelit honeymoon suite with its stunning views over the moonlit hills completes the dream.

Zingela has been the happy venue for many other festivities including milestone birthdays such as 21sts 40ieths and anniversaries. Some clients book out the camp for a New years Eve celebration, others come to commiserate on a groom-to-be s' final days as a bachelor. All of theses have been special events, who would forget the star of the bulls party in a pink Tutu! But the most memorable event was when everyone forgot to fetch the minister! We have all heard of runaway brides but this took the wedding cake! Thank heavens for cellphones and well-sprung 4x4s..he made it the hour long trip in record time!

Kat's Wedding Photo Album

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Camp Area and Facilities

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