Important Tips

If you would like to know expected weather conditions and temperatures during your stay please phone the weather office on 082-2311-606.

Please do not expect the following:

  • T.V. except for key rugby matches ie Sharks!
  • Shopping Mall,café or bottle store.
  • Gold taps and air conditioning.
  • Cell phone reception or public telephones
Please expect the following:

  • A bush camp
  • An off-road 27km track to camp.
  • Hi-clearance only when dry,diff-lock or 4x4 vehicles are best in the wet.
  • Weather!-generally the days are warm but if it rains the evenings can cool off quite rapidly
  • Informal dress code.
Suggested Items to bring:

  • Keen fishermen - fly rod
  • Insect repellent
  • Torch
  • Binoculars for bird and game viewing
  • A sense of Adventure!

Do not bring:

  • Stress!
  • Valuable or sentimental jewellery e.g. watches and chains. The bottom of the Tugela is a treasure chest of Ray-bans and Swatches!
  • If you can’t be parted from the above please hand them in to Jackalas (Yes, that is his name) at the bar.


  • Glasses strap if you wear dark glasses or sunglasses
  • Swimming costume and sarong / light shorts/ T.shirt
  • Waterproof windcheater in case of cold conditions or RAIN.
  • Strops or footgear you do not mind getting wet.
  • Cap or hat or peak
  • Block out
  • Old towel for the river

Do not bring:

  • Anything white as it will become Tugela Cream forever after.
  • Jewellery.


  • Casual bush clothes.
  • Comfortable shoes in case you want to go on a game walk, abseil or quad ride.
  • Days can be extremely hot so generally light clothing but bring something warm in case of a cold snap.
  • Something waterproof in case of rain. Our vehicles are open.

Do not bring:

  • Towels for showering
  • Bedding
  • Cell phones (They don’t work at camp)
  • An obsession with time (watches don’t work at Zingela either!)

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